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What is Business Centre?

The business centre was born in the 1980s, it starts originally in Europe and America. There are many operators has been internationalized, branding, and corporative now. Most of the Hong Kong flexible office space providers is either a business center or the serviced offices. Both of them provide flexible lease terms and included services like business secretary service, and various office services, and multiple international locations. They fulfilled the needs of transnational business, mobile commerce, short-term conference and a series of new start-up business requirements with an immediate lease of ready-to-use Office, flexible lease term, and Virtual Office. With the rapid economic development, business centers grow rapidly across the developed countries. They are not only covering cosmopolitan cities but also in many small and medium-sized cities with a population over 100,000. Flexible offices provide one-stop office space solutions through the provision of professional office space planning and management services, investment in facilities, flexible lease terms, and the most fundamental features included ergonomic office environment, office furniture and office equipment, professional secretarial services, and meeting rooms.

The price of a business center included daily rent, taxes, office furniture, maintenance, air conditioning, electricity, cleaning, security, receptionists, and telephone answering service. In addition, conference rooms, as well as a number of valuable office equipment, can be used for a reasonable fee. Most of the time, Telephone & Internet services are included in the rent already. Moreover, the price levels of business centers may vary depending on locations, office sizes, and even window sizes. The length of the Lease terms can also affect the prices a lot, if the contract for a period of one year or more, you are more likely to enjoy more benefits.

The basic features of business center: -Provides a full range of office equipment -Provide a full range of secretarial services -Offers conference center and equipment leasing -Provides business advisory services -Provides legal, accounting consulting services or even marketing services -Provides communication services What kind of companies is suitable to use the business center? -Downsizing companies -Ad hoc, temporary teams -Short-term office space expansion -New companies or subsidiaries established -Overseas branch or office -Professional consultants small companies

Office Style The difference between business centers and General Offices is the wide range of business services provided. The services included good office environment, office furniture and office automation equipment, professional secretarial services and meeting rooms. So that it’s easier and more flexible to rent an office instantly. The birth of Instant Office is for meeting the market demands. It needs to be managed by a professional team in order to provide international services and facilities, first-class quality office space with full office support, and conference room with flexible renting service. The flexible lease is one of the fundamental characteristics that’s not only meeting the market demand but also filling up a gap in the market. In addition, the Business Center also provides a lower priced and mobile-rental service. Even though the customer is not able to stay inside the business center office, they can still have an address and telephone number. Combined with the full-time secretary service, business center can help customers to answer an incoming call, to convey the message, letters, and e-mail messages. Some of the business centers also provide customers with investment consultancy, registered office, financial accounting, and even Tax Agent. Hong Kong Famous Business Center, for example, Myicon Serviced Office in Causeway Bay, is established based on this style. Hotel Style The main features of the Hotel style Business center are helping clients to print, copy, fax,translate, and more. For Management Direction: Send and receive faxes, Editing; train tickets order, plane tickets booking; Trip Arrangement; Transportation management and so on. Online Style Online Business Centre is an internet-based interactive platform. E-commerce as an emerging internet-based business activity, its great vitality and broad prospects for development make it a trend in today's economic growth era. Most of the developed countries or fast developing countries have established an e-commerce platform for public services. The e-commerce public service platform has been a catalyst for economic reconstruction and development, and an important means to represent a State or a main city’s comprehensive strength and level. In this e-commerce platforms, you can publish your personal information, product information or even search for a partner. Business Center will provide information platform, business advertising platform, and publisher platforms, etc.

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