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Perfect Office Space with Myicon Serviced Offices in Hong Kong

Serviced offices provide a perfect solution to all small business owners in today’s business world. With very flexible rental contracts, serviced office has driven business owners away from the troubles of traditional office set-up.

Startup businesses often hesitate to commit to lengthy rental contracts in Commercial Business District Area (CBD). The reason mainly is fluctuating property prices – business owners who have signed lease contracts with a minimum of 5 years become inflexible. Once a lengthy contract signed, these businesses remain unclear about their future and are bound by the office locations initially thought of as rewarding to the company.

Besides the concern of lengthy contract, businesses which chose for the traditional office rental also have to spend a big portion of the cost of office furnishings. As most of the business owners expected an office in the Commercial Business District location also requires good office furniture and equipment to start. This leads to higher cost in order to create and maintain a professional and impressive image for clients and customers.

Myicon serviced offices , on the other hand, provide these two very important solutions of the business. That is, serviced offices are able to provide perfect locations and high-end office furnishings. The main advantage is that business owners no longer have to commit to a 5 years lengthy rental contract. Nor do they have to use up the budget and invest in high-end office furnishings.

With the highly flexible rental contracts and agreements, our serviced offices are the perfect solution to all small business owners in the business set-up.

Contracts and agreements offered by our serviced offices are very much flexible. They can be tailor-made to fit your business. Services like internet connection, reception staff, phone line and other office services can be included in the rental contract. High-end designer office furniture is a given in serviced offices. The great side of having these luxurious types of furniture and equipment is that they are included without extra cost at all! They will be included in the contract you are signing.

Myicon Serviced Office is always the perfect solution for your business!

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