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6 Reasons why Business Centre / Serviced Office are good for your business?

Rapid Growing of Business Centre / Serviced office is today's global hot topics in Europe and Asia Pacific property market. Despite the global economic downturn recovery in the past two years, serviced office/business centre industry has continued to burst. The business center offers a one-stop solution that is not only fully configured and ready for use, they also suitable for a lot of startups, SME or large international institutions.

6個企業使用 服務式辦公室 / 商務中心 的理由

Why Use Serviced Office / Business Center?

1. Business Centre makes Startup easier

Serviced office is ready to use, companies can start doing business without too many concerns on office equipment or employment issue. Save all your time on business.

2. Cost Saving in Office Rental

No decoration costs, no expensive monthly rent, no utility cost, no need to hire any receptionist, no need to sign a contract with the telecommunications company, no additional business costs such as air conditioning, power, security, cleaning, building maintenance and insurance. No additional cost on various office equipment. Business center only charges a fixed rental, it allows a more flexible use of operation fundings!

3. Professional services included in Business Centre

Serviced office already includes the reception and secretarial service. With a small additional cost, you can enjoy professional services without committing any long-term human resources costs and do not need to worry about the recruitment or training.

Many business centers even provide one-stop business services such as professional secretary service and company registration service, accounting and audit services, and even the digital marketing services or design services, it allows companies to handle business easily.

4. Business Centre helps Creating Corporate Image

Service office is normally located in the Central Business District (For example Causeway Bay serviced office in Hong Kong) and a professional image by locating the company in the CBD address can provide intangible customer confidence and value, especially for startups.

Business Center provides reception and secretarial service can create a more professional business image.

5. Shared Facilities in Serviced Office

Do not need to worry about costing on fax, print or copy at the beginning, but you can immediately enjoy the services when you need and only require a small amount of extra charge.

6. No long-term commitment in Office Rental Contract

Traditional office rental service always required a 12-month long-term contract. The serviced office contract is more flexible as in a free selection of different lengths of contract. It’s an advantage while you are unclear about the company's future growth, and you can have a flexible choice without any long-term commitment in the leasing contract. (Same case in broadband internet access or printer)


Serviced office takes all the responsibility to provide a wide range of services such as receptionist services, secretary services, meeting and conference facilities. The cost of these services was high, but now you only need to pay a fixed rent, then the business center will cover most of the costs.

No extra commercial costs, such as air conditioning, power, security, cleaning, building maintenance and insurance, the internet, and telephone service, etc. Some business center even equipped with brand-name devices, such as a high-end printer, coffee machine, and designer furniture. Allows you to concern only a fixed rent and reserve all the funds in business development.

In addition, the main difference between the business center and the traditional office is the length of the Leasing Contract. Business Centre lease can be as short as 1 months to 12 months, while the traditional office requires a long-term lease of at least 12 months. The flexibility of Business Centre Leasing term allows companies to expand or shrink business size according to business development.

Therefore, start up your business in Business Centre not only allows you to enjoy a great office location in CBD area with an affordable rent. But also having an office with the best decoration and equipment. This is absolutely more flexible compared to the traditional office!

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