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It is the brand of your creation, which is used by the market to distinguish your name or design, and is also an important identification for consumers, so you must first decide and register the name or design that represents you. The purpose of registration is to claim that this name or design belongs to you. If others use it or copy it, there is a chance will be causing infringement.  


What Trademark Registration Given you

  • Help Consumers to Distinguish

  • Exclusive right of use on the market 

  • Prevent others to infringe 

  • Brand value increasing

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We Offer


  • Provide preliminary Trademark search, evaluation and advice

  • Registration of Trademark application

  • Assist on Trademark renewal and assignment 

  • Assist on trademark review, rejection, revocation and opposition 

  • Assist on register the Customs Recordal


A patent protects the invention by the patent owner, a legal right to prevent others from manufacturing, using, selling or importing your patented invention and design.


What Patent Application Given you

  • Exclusive right of use on the market 

  • Gather earnings by giving authorization of use 

  • Enhance enterprise’s competitiveness in the market

  • Increase company’s market value

We Offer


  • Patent Search and Analysis

  • Drafting of Patent Documents

  • Patent Application and Registration

  • Assist Payment of Maintenance Fee

  • Assist on Patent Ownership Right Transfer

  • Reply of Patent Re-Examination and Patent Invalidity

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Copyright registration

Copyright is used to express the rights of creators to their literary and artistic works. Works involving copyright include: books, music, paintings, sculptures, movies, computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.

What Copyright

Registration Given you

  • Act of proof for settling disputes

  • Proof of documents on the Court

  • Gather earnings by giving authorization of use 


We Offer


  • Per-advice and analysis on Copyright Protection

  • Copyright Registration

  • Assist on Dealing with Internet Infringement Disputes

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