Myicon Business Serviced Office

Company Formation

Our team provides company formation in Hong Kong, China and offshore company registry for Chinese and foreign investors.  Being a limited company in Hong Kong, there are lots of advantages, including simple process for formation, inexpensive incorporation and maintenance cost, superiority on the taxation and foreign exchange policy, etc.

  • Company formation in Hong Kong

  • Company formation in Overseas (BVI, Samoa, Cayman Island, etc)


Accounting, Taxation & Auditing

Our team provides professional accounting & taxation solutions via best understanding of your business with the basis of the ordinances in Hong Kong


  • Preparation of financial statements;

  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annually book-keeping service

  • Payroll services & MPF arrangement

  • Stock, fixed asset and cash count arrangement;


Hong Kong is well-known low tax rate country leads to low operating cost.  There is no capital gain tax, dividend tax, VAT, etc.  Our team is familiar with taxation handling which provides appropriate taxation advice services according to your business and requirements

  • Profits Tax Computation;

  • Tax planning and advise on tax issue for companies and individuals

  • Taxation advice on the basis of requirements from client

  • Preparation and filing of Profits/Property/Individual/Employer’s Return in Hong Kong

  • Reply of Inland Revenue Department enquiry;

  • Taxation investigation service

Auditing arrange

According to the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, the auditors’ report have to prepare.  The financial year ended can be March / December of each year usually.

  • Liaise on audit and finalize the account timely

  • Advise to clients on accounting & auditing matters

  • Auditors’ report arranged can be in English or Chinese

  • 1st audit account can be within 18 months of the first year of operation


IPO Arrange & Consultation service

Hong Kong is the one of the leading capitalization market, we have experience on arrange of various professional parties that can advise on the appropriateness of Listing

  • Advice of listing procedures

  • Pre-IPO financial and business review

  • Arrange of various due diligence

  • Introduce & arrange of professional parties (lawyers, Sponsors, consultant, etc) on IPO in Main broad & GEM

Hong Kong Visa service

Our team are familiar with applying for working visa and solving related problems. We assists the applicants in the preparation of relevant supporting documents, free evaluation of your work visa with professional suggestion on how to advance the efficiency.

  • Employment Visa

  • Investment Visa (Establish of Business)

Trademark Registration

Our team provides trademark application and registration services in Hong Kong, China and global, and support for our client during the complex International, Hong Kong and China trademark application process.

  • Hong Kong Trademark Registration

  • China Trademark Registration

  • International Trademark Registration

Company Secretary (Corporate Secretarial Service)

According to the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, each HK company have to appoint a local Company Secretary.  Our company secretarial services provide related supporting services in the process of company development, and save operating costs for market expansion

  • Change of share capital

  • Appointment / Resignation of Director

  • Deregistration

  • Act as your company secretary with free advice of company secretarial support

  • Filing of annual return, annual general minutes and renew your BR

  • Bank account opening arrangement