What is Business Centre?

The business centre was born in the 1980s, it starts originally in Europe and America.

There are many operators has been internationalized, branding, and corporative now. Most of the Hong Kong flexible office space providers is either a business center or the serviced offices. Both of them provide flexible lease terms and included services like business secretary service, and various office services, and multiple international locations. They fulfilled the needs of transnational business, mobile commerce, short-term conference and a series of new start-up business requirements with an immediate lease of ready-to-use Office, flexible lease term, and Virtual Office.

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服務式辦公室是現今全球房地產業中的熱話,而商務中心的概念在歐洲和亞太地區市場更正在迅速增長。 儘管全球經濟衰退已經在過去兩年正穩步恢復元氣,服務式辦公室行業的發展速度卻不斷爆發。商務中心提供一站式解決方案,不但配置齊全並且可隨時使用 ,確實受不少初創企業、中小企或國際大機構歡迎。

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