Hong Kong is well known as having a lot of opportunities, creativity and enterprising spirit.


As an international financial centre, Hong Kong has a sound legal system, simple tax system and low tax rate, complete facilities setup, professional communication system, and high quality  experts in different fields .


Hong Kong has unlimited business opportunities and is a platform for global economic and trade.


Lots of international companies have benefited from setting up a company in Hong Kong.

  • Complete Legal System

  • Easy to gain international credit because of Hong Kong's popularity 

  • As one of the international Financial Centre, Hong Kong has diversified financial channels.

  • No Foreign Exchange Control, Hong Kong provides lots of freedom in funding.

  • Unlimited business scope and simple follow-up service

  • Simple Tax System, Low Tax Rate

  • Preferred Company Name - Company Name can be either English or Chinese, or using both languages.

  • HK ID Card or Passport Copy and Address Proof of all shareholders. If the shareholder is a corporation, company registration certificate and registered address proof must be provided.

  • HK ID Card or Passport Copy and Address Proof of the director. If the director is a corporation, company registration certificate and registered address proof must be provided.

  • HK ID Card or Passport Copy and Address Proof of the company secretary (If you are not using our company secretary service). If the company secretary is a corporation, company registration certificate and registered address proof must be provided.

  • Company Registration Address (If you are not using our company address service)


  • The company's legal capital, the amount of capital issued and the proportion of shares allocated. Unless otherwise stated, the registered capital of the company is HK$10,000

  • Company Name Search 

  • Prepare company registration certificate application documents

  • Prepare business registration certificate application documents

  • Premium Green Box Set

  • Documents for Opening Bank Account 

  • Registration Address for the first year

  • Company Secretary Service for the 1st year.

  • Service Fee: HK$6,800

  • Government Fee: HK$3,970

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, one company secretary is required for every limited company. This company secretary can be fulfilled by a local person or a corporation with local based registered office. If the company has only one director, that director cannot be the company secretary at the same time.

The company secretary has the responsibilities to submit the company’s structure, record the change of shareholders and directors, prepare and submit the company annual return, draft the company minutes and arrange the general meetings.

Service Fee HK$2,000/year 

Service included :


1. Being appointed as Company Secretary for one anniversary year

2. Preparing and filing of Annual Return which required statutory document

3. Complimentary change of company name and registered business address

4. Arranging and witnessing director and shareholder meeting with preparation of minutes

5. Prepare and Submit Annual Return & duly completed Documents to Companies Registry.

6. Maintaining company statutory records

7. Assisting in change of director and shareholder details

8. Prepare Company Minutes and Resolution 

(The service has not included Government fees)

Professional Audit and Accounting Service

myicon offers a comprehensive array of one-stop business accounting, tax solutions and auditing service, that allow you to focus on your business pursuits and save your time.

 Service Alerts

Alerting our clients for accounting and tax return arrangement to avoid any late penalty imposed by Inland Revenue Department (IRD), and following up with IRD on the processing status, for example for the submission of profit tax return and employer’s return form.

No hidden charge

Our reasonable price stated clearly with no hidden charge to avoid unnecessary disputes, pay as you go.

Comprehensive Business Support

We provide complementary services including assist in set up a company bank account, MPF account, managing payroll system and corporate insurance matters.

Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  1. Prepare management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis

  2. Prepare company's reports, including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Aging Report, Trail Balance, General Ledger and Vouchers

  3. Carry out reviews to ensure the appropriateness of accounting, payment and receipt transactions

  4. Inventory and Payroll management and control

  5. Assist in treasury management in accordance with pre-determined instructions and ensure proper financial controls are maintained. Especially useful to overseas companies that do not employ an internal accountant in Hong Kong

Our experienced practicing Hong Kong CPAs are committed to assist our clients in satisfying the statutory requirements in accordance with relevant rules. Our aims are to help you efficiently deal with the challenges arousing from the evaluation of financial information and potential risks in operation for your shareholders and stakeholders and breeding success to your business. With accumulated knowledge and experience in different kind of industries, our professional pay attention on different target risk of each industry, and closely supervise other factors of the financial report, in order to avoid risk.

Service included:

  • Statutory Audit

  • Programme Audit

  • Due Diligence

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